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Bubble by Centropix

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CENTROPIX Reveals the Ultimate 24/7 EMF Solution

The Bubble

The CENTROPIX BUBBLE is a breakthrough miniature active, neutralizing frequency device that literally fits in your pocket.

The BUBBLE uses positive electromagnetic frequencies that are aligned with your body and the Earth that help you reclaim your vitality and your energy.

Rediscover the unbridled joy and wonderful passion of being alive and reignite your most meaningful relationships, that perhaps have lost some of their luster because you aren’t always feeling your best.

The BUBBLE Gives You Professional-Grade Frequencies to Protect & Support Your Body Around the Clock

The BUBBLE is the culmination of years of painstaking research and precise Swiss engineering. It’s a tiny device that supplies your body’s energy-drained cells with a precise frequency of 7.83 Hz.

This is the very same frequency generated by Mother Earth herself. (Researchers also refer to it as the Schumann resonance).

How Does The BUBBLE Work?

The BUBBLE case contains precise technology, including: magnetic coils, sophisticated control electronics, light pulses, and a rechargeable battery. 

The BUBBLE is programmed and charged by impulses (exposure) from a specially developed bioresonance radiation technique. 

Frequencies that counter interference fields (known as electrosmog or electromagnetic pollution) caused by electrical equipment, such as all kinds of transmitters and receivers, are recorded as information by the BUBBLE.

This works on the principle of bioresonance regulation and makes the body resilient against electrosmog.

Some of the benefits that are delivered by the BUBBLE include: 

  • Scalar programming to support peak performance
  • Support in the presence of negative EMF fields
  • Improved brain synchrony & clarity 
  • Skin tone & elasticity benefits 
  • Mitochondrial metabolism improvement 

The CENTROPIX BUBBLE affords you an unfair advantage

Supplementing your positive lifestyle changes with the suite of CENTROPIX solutions, such as the BUBBLE, is the ultimate shortcut to the wellness and vitality that most people can only dream of. 

Are you ready to take your health to the next level? 

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