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Ian and The Great Silver Dragon: A Hero is Reborn (Digital Book Download)

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Ian and The Great Silver Dragon, A Hero is Reborn

A Dragon Based Children’s paperback Action Adventure Series

Parents and children love the lessons delivered by Bry-Ankh, the Great Silver Dragon. This is the third book in the Dragon series; a growing young boy, Ian, now knows the truth about Dragons. He discovered they are, in fact, very real, and one is now his mentor. This interactive adventure includes elements of fantasy, magic, and important life lessons. Easy for children to read, or enjoyed with an adult, your child will benefit from seeing how the main character Ian’s self-confidence grows as he becomes a student of success taught by The Great Silver Dragon.

In book three our list of characters expands and the interactions of family and friends are explored. There are new secrets to be discovered. More civilizations that have been lost beneath the waves come back to life. Ian once again travels the world while learning of his own families distant past, and the future he will be asked to be part of.

Does your child enjoy reading about Dragons, faraway places, magic, and ancient civilizations?

Do you like reading stories aloud to your child about adventure mixed with life lessons?

Are you looking for a wholesome children’s book series that teaches them how to be successful later in life, while learning how to really accomplish it?

Look no further than the Ian and The Great Silver Dragon Bry-Ankh series!

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