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Mental Power Is Real - Amazing Kreskin Book

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With a showman’s flair, a comedians wit, and capacities of a bona fide mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin has, for over five decades, dramatized the unique facets of the human mind……including his own.

Born in Montclair New Jersey, it was during childhood games that Kreskin’s remarkable ability to find hidden objects emerged. This fascinating and unusual gift made him stand out among his peers, forcing him to assume the role of omniscient observer. By his teens, he was nationally recognized as “The World’s Youngest Hypnotist” allowing him to collaborate in psychological clinical studies extending in the realm of Parapsychology and the Power of Suggestion.

Audiences of all ages and all stages are drawn to this icon. How many other celebrities can boast their own TV series, their own board game, their own theme song arranged by the renowned Skitch Henderson at Carnegie Hall, and 88 appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson? No one in modern entertainment/informational history has the prowess or profile of The Amazing Kreskin!

The Amazing Kreskin has also become a training consultant to law enforcement and security personnel throughout the western world in the development of their own powers of observation and “intuitive” skills.

From the hard news formats of CNN, ABC, and FOX News, to the ingenious madcap of David Letterman and the outrageous humor of Howard Stern, Kreskin has become a household name. It is no wonder he has been seen on New Year’s Day discussing his predictions for the upcoming year. By many he is considered the Nostradamus of our time!

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