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Dynamic Leadership Skills - Ron Ball

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"Dynamic Leadership Skills", reveals the remarkable success secrets of Dexter Yager, the man who built the most significant business in the history of Direct Sales.

This is no ordinary story, Dexter Yager influenced millions of people and developed thousands of leaders because he loved to change people's lives.

This is unlike any leadership book you have ever read. It is a story of relational genius that can impact every part o your life. It is a powerful example of how love and encouragement can create extraordinary achievement.

In this book, you will learn:

How to make people want to follow you forever
How to invest in the right people
How to use the "art of dream-building" to grow your income
How to turn difficult people into friends
How to create a "system" that can expand your opportunities
How "Servant Leadership" gives you the best chance of a better life
The difference between "strong ego" and a "big ego" and why it matters
How to use questions to open a person's heart
How to use the "eye test" to evaluate anyone
Why faith in God fuels true success


About Ron Ball

Ron Ball has spoken live to over 8 million people in 24 countries. He is the author of 12 books that have sold a million copies worldwide.

Ron is a high-energy, information-rich, communicator who has presented seminars to audiences ranging from small select leadership groups to crowds of 72,000 people in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Ron delivers content that is a combination of original research and usable insight that always surprises his listeners with the level of its life-changing power. This is no ordinary speaker.

Ron is also the author of the famous weekly motivational minute, “Ballpoints” which uses highly unusual stories to share unexpected insights.  

Ron’s latest project is “Choose Greatness America”, a partnership with the Heritage Foundation designed to use public events and media to teach the classic principles that have built American freedom and prosperity and show how those principles can build individual success today.

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