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GoDark - Phone - Faraday Bag

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GoDark Faraday Bags are military strength Faraday bags that protect your cell phones, tablets, and other electronics from location tracking, hacking, and damage by blocking all incoming and outgoing EMF signals between 200 MHz and 40 GHz, including GPS, Cell Phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Each GoDark Bag is made with 2 layers of GoDark RF shielding fabric, which has been independently lab tested to provide an average of 105 dB of EMF signal attenuation and has passed the MIL-STD-188-125-2 standardized military test for High Altitude EMP shielding.

GoDark Bags are the trusted choice among journalists, security professionals, law enforcement, military, preppers, and the privacy and health conscious across the world.

Signal Blocking That Works!

  • Protection You Can See

    After much testing, GoDark specifically chose a tailor-made roll-top design for these Faraday bags because they believe it provides the best failure-free signal-blocking closure on the market. With the roll-top closure and sturdy strap it’s only a simple glance to visually verify you properly closed your GoDark Faraday Bag so it fully protects you.

  • Privacy And Safety

    The inner felt liner of the mobile phone Faraday bag allows for privacy without compromising your safety. The liner ensures the metallic blocking material cannot inadvertently activate your touchscreen, including gestures when you turn the screen off, allowing you to keep your device powered on while in the bag.

  • Reliable Signal Blocking

    GoDark has taken great care to ensure the signal-blocking abilities do not become compromised with regular wear and tear. The bags are made with heavy-duty 600D Poly Outer Shells with a PU face coat and a TPU backing that is both water and puncture resistant. Every bag is built with a thin inner padding and felt liner to further protect the signal-blocking material from being damaged with repeated use.

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More Information

What Does A Faraday Bag Protect My Electronic Device From?

These bags offer your electronic devices protection from EMF damage and data snooping. Using one of these bags to protect your devices shields them from EMPs, blocks GPS signals, stops cell phone tracking, and blocks EMF signals, including 4G, 5G, Wifi, and Bluetooth.

How Is the Faraday Bag From Go Dark Designed?

GoDark® bags use RF shielding fabric that passed the MIL-STD-188-125-2test, a standardized military test for EMP shielding effectiveness of small transportable containers. Each bag uses two layers of this RF shielding fabric in every GoDark® phone, tablet, and dry bag. The interior of the bag is then covered with a soft felt liner to protect the screen on your phone or other electronic devices.

Will Airplane Mode Protect My Privacy?

If you think airplane mode will save you, this could be a costly mistake. Setting your phone to airplane mode only prevents your device from transmitting, not receiving.

Your phone or other digital devices still records data like location history and transmits it later when you reconnect.

The GoDark® Privacy Bag prevents this by blocking incoming GPS and cell signals used by your phone to record your location. Since this stops devices from recording, they have nothing to share or transmit later.

Is My Electronic Device Really Off?

Good question. Several systems and subsystems comprise modern smartphones. One of these subsystems, often referred to as the baseband, controls and operates the radio transmitter and receiver. It can operate interdependently from your phone’s main operating system. This allows your devices to appear to be “turned off” while the radio subsystem remains powered and operational.

When you turn your phone off, it can instead enter a low-power state with full receiving and transmitting capability and you would never know it. The screen will turn off. You would not detect heat either, so it would provide the false impression that your phone turned off and keeps you safe from tracking. Apple’s “Find My” app offers a good example of this.

According to Apple, “Find My helps you locate this iPhone when it is lost or stolen, even when it is in power reserve mode or when powered off.”

As operating systems evolve, it becomes more difficult to know for certain when our phones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices operate and what programs run in an always-on state. Those who need privacy can turn to the GoDark® Faraday Bag to get peace of mind.

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