Q-Link Pendant (Solid Gold Retro)


$ 2,200.00 

The Gold Retro Q-Link Pendant! Features a solid 14K Gold casing and contains the most updated SRT-3 programming.Each Q-Link Gold Pendant is hand tooled and distinct.

**Please be advised that this is a special order item and the stock of the varies based upon demand. Item could take 4-6 weeks for delivery depending on the season. If you have questions about the delivery time please email us at support@theginstore.com for more information on availability.**

Wearing the The QLink Silver Pendant you may experience:

1. Increased strength, resilience, and resistance to stress.
2. Increased energy and enhanced mental performance.
3. Strengthening of your capacity to function in EMF saturated environments. (EMF is the electromagnetic field generated by electronic devices and wireless communications).

The body creates and sustains its own energy system which can be interrupted by the electromagnetic environment by way of computers, wifi, cell phones, etc. The QLink Pendant is the product for those people who value their well-being and wish to function at optimal levels in our increasingly electronic world.

Learn more below:

Potential Benefits Include:

• Enhanced mental clarity and awareness

• Increased energy and vitality

• Balanced emotions

• Deep restful sleep

• Improved athletic performance

• Strengthening of your natural energy systems in support of your body’s healthy function

What is the SRT Technology?

 At the heart of all Q-Link® products is Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ (SRT™), which is based on the fundamental scientific discovery that every physical system has fields of energy that permeate and surround that system.

When systems vibrate at their optimal frequency spectrums, they are able to function more efficiently and deliver expected, even enhanced, levels of performance. When these systems are not vibrating ideally, reduced efficiency and performance can result. In humans, the principal energy system is known as the "Biofield" - a term officially recognized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

SRT™ is an array of proprietorially identified frequencies that support and enhance the efficiency and performance of various organic and inorganic systems. Biological, electrical, chemical and other physical systems influenced by SRT applications exhibit increased functionality, coherence, structural integrity and other positive characteristics and benefits.

What's Inside the Q-Link?

• Induction Coil: 75 ft. of insulated superfine pure copper wire in a 25mm diameter coil amplifies the effect of the resonating cell.

• Resonating Cell: The multi-frequency pure crystalline oscillator (enhanced with Sympathetic Resonance Technology SRT-3) works like a series of tuning forks to sympathetically resonate with, and reinforce, the key frequencies of the human energy system (biofield).
• Assembled Q-Link: The induction Coil and Resonating Cell assembled are permanently sealed inside a rugged, highly durable, waterproof case.



Joseph Amato
"I am a 73-year-old mariner who goes out to sea regularly single-handed sailing an 11-metre yacht and just purchased the Q-Link SRT-3. This little gadget was worn from the first half hour that I recieved it through the post. It started working on me within the first 12 hours with amazing results. I do not have any sorts of medications whatsoever and this Q-Link has given me the boost in life more than anything else. The sense of consciousness and awareness is fantastic, plus the energy its given me to sail further away on long distance single-handed voyages is great. Thanks again and its great that I have found such a marvel that boosts energy into me."

Dina Wiltshire
"I have been wearing my Q-Link now for 4+years and for the most part never really took it off. It would move from around my neck to my bra strap if I wore jewelry for a meeting but other than that, it was always on me. A few months ago I forgot my Q-Link at home and travelled from east to west coast on business for a few days. I travel extensively for business. I have not experienced jet lag for years since wearing my Q-Link so completely forgot how miserable it can be. It took a full week for me to recover from this trip and I couldn't figure out why until my husband asked if I was wearing my Q-Link. I scurried around the house to find my little buddy and put it back around my neck. I had become so accustomed to NOT struggling with time zones with my extensive travel, I did not connect the power of Q and time travel :-) As they say: Don't leave home without it!! And now, I never will."

Cameron Healey
Publisher, Golf Today Magazine | Northwest Edition
"As a self-professed skeptic, my expectations of a positive outcome from wearing a Q-Link pendant were modest at best. Oh, was I proven wrong. Since purchasing the Q-Link 16 months ago, I can say with confidence that my ability to focus during stressful situations while remaining calm has improved markedly. As a publisher who is under constant pressure to meet deadlines, I need all the help I can get. Q-Link has helped me deliver."

Michelle Kwon
Flight Attendant, San Francisco, CA
"I have been a flight attendant for 11 years and have always thought that I coped fairly well with jet lag, until I felt the difference when I started wearing the Q-Link Pendant. The first time I noticed a dramatic difference was after a round trip to Japan. After the flight I was still thinking clearly. Even though I still felt some physical tiredness I did not have that spacey feeling I so often experience after long international trips. I would highly recommend the Q-Link Pendant to every flight attendant, on any airline, and to anybody else that travels by air frequently."

Robby Donovan
Professional Baseball Player
Lancaster Jethawks under Houston Astros
"The Q-Link SRT necklace has been the best product that I have ever purchased compared to all the other products out there like it. I am a professional baseball player starting pitcher and I have never felt better with a sports product. Before I owned a Q-Link when I started I would always go about 5 innings and be tired and just try to get through the next few innings. And after a start it always took me about 3-4 to recover. Then I purchased a Q-Link because I thought it was cool looking and wanted it - not expecting anything to change from wearing it. The crazy part was when I put it on I felt like it changed my career. First game I pitched with it on I went 7 innings and never felt tired during the game. From then on out I just felt an extra boost in my game and never got tired like I used to. Was like a miracle! Also the other great thing about it was when I started wearing it from then on I have been able to recover from my starts and workouts a lot faster. All in all I would recommend Q-Link to any athlete out there without a doubt and be confident that they would love the results. I can honestly say that Q-Link has changed my life and has boosted my career!!"

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Using Your Qlink:
The Q-Link pendant should hang around your neck at the center of your chest. It doesn’t matter whether you wear it inside or outside a shirt or blouse. You should wear the Q-Link pendant all the time, even when you sleep. The more you wear it, the better the results.

Maintenance on your Q-Link:
Clean using a damp cloth. You can wear it anytime, even in the shower, as the components inside the Q-Link have been engineered to create optimal resonance effects indefinitely.

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