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Digestive Aid Protocol by Dr. Hulda Clark

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  • 17-day protocol
  • Promotes balanced stools*
  • Balances the intestinal environment*
  • Promotes ideal pH in the stomach to enhance digestion* 

Detailed instructions are included with purchase. You can also view them here.

The Dr. Clark 17- day digestive aid protocol consists of a group of herbs and nutraceuticals that work in a synergistically to optimize digestive function.*

Many people equate the digestive system with the colon. Hence the popularity of colon hydrotherapy. The fact is that the function of the colon is closely dependent on the stomach, liver, kidneys and pancreas.

For example, if your stomach does not produce enough hydrochloric acid (HCL), which is the most common age related cause of impaired digestive function, your food will not be sanitized properly before entering the colon and digestive enzyme production can decline. This results in poor colon health.

When it comes to digestive health, don’t focus only on the colon; focus on the entire digestive system. Consider this: 60-80% of the body’s energy is used on digestion. The remaining systems in your body (immune, respiratory, reproductive, cardiovascular, nervous, and muscular) share only 20-40% of your total energy. So guess what happens when one or more of these systems are challenged? Your body “steals” energy from the digestive system. This is why a digestive problem is often the first clue that there may be a problem in another system. This is also why Dr. Hulda Clark always started with supporting the digestive system, no matter what the problem was. You should pay attention when you experience any digestive complaints. It can indicate that the culprit is somewhere else entirely.

Stomach acid is essential in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It breaks down proteins, activates enzymes, and strengthens the acid barrier. And according to Dr. Clark, acids are important in helping sanitize food in the stomach, protecting the colon from bad microbes, and help maintain a balance of microorganisms and flora in the colon. Betaine HCL supports your stomach’s acid requirements for proper digestion. When the body “steals” energy from the digestive system, it can’t balance the stomach acid or produce enough enzymes for a smooth operation. Many people are unaware of this connection between the digestive system and other systems of the body. Supporting the digestive system has two main purposes: First, to improve digestion, and second to free up energy to be used elsewhere in the body. By supporting your digestive system, you are in fact allowing your body to spend sufficient energy on all the other systems in your body.

Digestive Enzymes go hand-in-hand with stomach acid when it comes to digesting food properly. When cooking and manufacturing destroys naturally occurring enzymes in food, the digestive system relies on the body to secrete the necessary enzymes to break down food. As with the body’s declining production of hydrochloric acid, natural production of digestive enzymes also decreases with age and illness.*

Turmeric and Fennel support optimum balance of good flora in the colon. Cascara Sagrada is a natural laxative and should only be used when experiencing occasional constipation.*


Kit includes 5 items
Turmeric, 500 mg 100 capsules (turmeric root, gelatin (bovine) capsule)
Cascara Sagrada, 425 mg 100 capsules (Cascara sagrada, gelatin (bovine) capsule)
Fennel Seed, 500 mg 100 capsules (ground fennel seed, gelatin (bovine) capsule)
Betaine HCL, 425 mg 100 capsules (betaine hydrochloride, gelatin (bovine) capsule)
Digestive Enzymes, 700 mg 100 capsules (Ginger root, pancreatin, pepsin, lipase, trypsin, bromelain, papain, gelatin (bovine) capsule)

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