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EZTwist 5 Stage RO With Bio-Energetic Enhancement & Balancing

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EZTWIST Undercounter RO Unit

The first customizable filter that starts with health and finishes with style!

When it comes to your home, few things are more important than making sure you’re getting clean, safe water. The best way to do that is with an eWater EZTWIST Undercounter RO Unit.

What sets the eWater EZTWIST system so far apart from the competition?

    • Most powerful filtration system: For most standard filtration systems – like the type you’d find at a Big Box -- your water would travel through three filtering stages, picking up and filtering out only large particles like pesticides, for example. We’ve upped the ante with the reverse osmosis unit, as your EZTWIST Undercounter RO Unit will filter the water through FIVE stages while picking up all those big particles AND all the tiny particles, like bacteria, arsenic and fluoride, to name a few.


    • User-friendly, easy-to-install filters: Here’s how most big brand filters work: They come with large canisters with the filter inside of it. So when it comes time to change out that filter, you have to reach your hand inside the canister – spilling water everywhere while exposing your skin to potentially harmful contaminants. With the EZTWIST system, the difference is in the name: All you have to do is twist off the canister and replace the new filter. That means, you never have to physically touch the filter. And the best part? Our canisters are much smaller and easier to set up. Our filters are the easiest to install of any other filters on the market.


    • Lasts longer: If you buy a filter somewhere else, odds are good that it’s going to come equipped with a stainless steel tank. Sounds great, right? Not when it comes to H2O, as water acts aggressively toward metal. On the other hand, our system lasts twice as long as the next-best competitor, and our self-contained bladder tank is far superior quality.


    • Sturdier membrane: The membrane is the heart and soul of a RO system – and the EZTWIST Undercounter RO Unit’s membrane should last you at least three to five years. Other systems need a membrane replacement every year – if they even last that long.


    • Makes water “wetter:” Here’s what makes our filters unique throughout the industry: The energy enhancement technology we use increases the hydration level of your water. So, what does that mean? With our system, you can stay more hydrated with less water.


    • Fully customizable: We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, especially when it comes to your kitchen sink and faucet. After all, the kitchen is often the hub of your entire home! That’s why we offer several faucet choices. These top mount designer faucets are not only easy to install, but they also look amazing and will go with just about any style you can think of.


    • Six-month money-back guarantee! - Satisfaction Guaranteed!


The eWater EZTWIST System:

Designed With the Customer, Not The Plumber, In Mind!

When designing this system, we took into account all the frustrating issues that come with standard options. So, we color-coded everything for easy installation and maintenance, as this will come in handy if you ever need to speak with one of our technical support specialists – even if you don’t know anything about plumbing.

This system only needs to have yearly maintenance – which means less work for you or, if you want a service tech to handle the work, it means less reoccurring service costs.

So, how does it work? The EZTWIST system is just as it sounds: Simply twist the four filters a quarter to remove and replace with the new filters.

The annual four-filter pack consists of:

The annual replacement cost is $89.25. To put that into perspective, that’s less than $7.50 per month for better-than-bottled water at the touch of your finger. 

Why the RO membrane is so important

The heart of the system is the RO membrane. With proper yearly maintenance, the RO membrane will last at least three to five years. It is bracketed on top and away from the other filters, making yearly access to the four extremely easy. And the membrane uses less waste water than most big brand filters, with a true one-to-one waste ratio. (That’s also good for the environment!)

We made decisions easier for you by asking simple questions such as:

“Do you have a garbage disposal?”

All you need to do is answer “yes” or “no,” and we will adjust the components that come with your system to make installation much easier. In other words, no trips to the hardware store for adjustment parts and no additional money forked out to a handyman or a plumber to adjust the install!

Our focus: Your family’s health plus modern designs

Our main goal is to ensure you and your family has clean, safe drinking water. So, providing ultra-pure water that is highly energized and supportive was Step 1.

Now, Step 2 belongs to you. 

At last, great tasting, high-quality water at your fingertips!


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