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Fibonacci Life Path Package

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Live in true harmony with our planet

Ease the burdens and worries of your life

There are many times in life when we feel lost and uncertain of which path to take. It can be easy to get caught up in the moment and take a detour that leads us astray. While detours can sometimes be fun and interesting, they also cause us to lose focus and forget where we are headed. When it comes to our life path, it is better to stick to the one that works best for us.

The Fibonacci Life Path Package from I-Ching Systems has been designed to help you:

  • Learn what the animals and plants have always known
  • Lock-on and travel the one true, best path for you
  • Whether the ride is smooth or bumpy, stay on your track
  • Neutralize trouble spots as they arise for greater forward movement


This package features these three elements: 

#1: FIBONACCI LIFE PATH:  This wall symbol brings the individual’s energies into harmony with our planet.  It eliminates ineffective pathways, energetically places the individual on the best path for them, and then locks them there.  It also has the job of reassembling the pieces created by the Moon Stack into a more coherent, properly functioning whole.  (The Fibonacci is a 36x48 inch wall symbol.  It is tuned to the individual by placing their hair on it.)

#2: LARGE COLOR SYMBOL(S):  We all need the colors red (fire), green (earth), yellow (air) and blue (water) in our energetic makeup if we are to have properly functioning systems.  Any depleted colors are added back in so that the individual’s energy system can stop its continuous searching for what is missing, thereby reducing stress.  (Roughly 23 x 34 inch symbol(s) of the missing color(s) tuned to the individual with their hair.)

#3: THREE LITTLE WONDERS STACK:  This Stack eases the process of reassembling that is done by the Fibonacci.  It also allows the user to re-introduce calm and balance (emotional neutrality) to their system at any moment in time. This Stack is part of the new Saturn Relief technology which involves relieving much of the negative effects of Saturn on an individual.(This is a 2 x 3 1/2 inch laminated Stack that can be held in the hand or clipped on the chest for 15 minutes.)


The Fibonacci Sequence Curve

The Fibonacci sequence or curve was given to the world in 1202 by Leonardo of Pisa. It is a mathematical sequence in which each number is the sum of the previous two. The Fibonacci curve appears in nature often, such as in the arrangement of leaves on a stem.

All plants and animals live their entire existence on this curve, and are therefore in constant harmony with the earth.  It is in their DNA and is why this planet works properly for them.  Because we have thought, humans do not live on this curve, and often are not in harmony with the planet, therefore human life can be much more difficult.

The Fibonacci Life Path energetically places an individual on this Curve and locks them there.  This brings them into harmony with our planet.  Life then begins to work for them rather than against them.  Anything locked in the subconscious is forced to the surface where it can be released and energetically transformed.  Energetic course corrections are delivered whenever the individual “falls asleep” and begins to drift off course - acting like the guardrails on a highway.

Using the Fibonacci Life Path Package, helps you stay aware and conscious of your thoughts and actions, as they can have a direct impact on your life path and journey. Ultimately you are in control of your own destiny, and the Fibonacci Life Path is here to help guide and support you on your journey.

Ancient Knowledge and Binary Math Codes

The ancient knowledge and binary math codes of the I Ching may just be the keys to our emotional balance and inner calm. Chinese medicine recognizes the idea of life force or energy flowing through the consciousness through an organized system of energetic circuitry. And, it recognizes the electromagnetic aspects of the consciousness …

All of I Ching Systems instruments have been built with these principles in mind. Rather than trying to figure out the content of a person’s emotional imbalance, the technology addresses the context or structure in which the imbalance is taking place. The instruments are designed to address and support the natural flow of life force through a person’s system.

At the same time, if used when a person feels out of balance, they are designed to address the energetic circuitry that is causing the imbalances. To accomplish these goals, I Ching Systems studied the effects of colors, herbs, minerals, gem stones, metals and so much more, but the real breakthroughs came when they went back to the ancient mathematical codes found in the I ancient text that contains sixty-four drawings known as Hexagrams.

These Hexagrams with their binary math codes are the basis of the universe. There are 64 Hexagrams and 64 bits or math codes in your computer. Your DNA can be broken down into Hexagrams. Crystals are composed of these math codes and so is the human consciousness.

Through the use of these Hexagrams it is possible to unearth and transform the hidden traumas we all carry. The goal is always inner peace, calmness, a quiet mind, and a more satisfying and joyful life directed by each individual.

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