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It's ALL About Relationships: On Discerning and Accepting Your Natural Self (Digital Download Book)

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Relationships! We all have them, we all need them. Why do some work and flow naturally? Why do others require so much work and effort? Why are some life-giving and others exhausting?

You ARE your relationships! Your health, wealth, and well-being are all connected to your relationships. Now, you can know the secrets of healthy relationships and this knowledge can change your life!

  • Learn about 15 natural, healthy personality characteristics.
  • Learn how to have “Victim-Free relationships.
  • Find out about what makes for a “Kismet" connection.

This book reveals the mysteries of human relationships. It is a “peek in the crack of the cosmic egg."

And, best of all it is just plain FUN!

“This book is extraordinary! It explains who you are, where you come from, and what you attract. You can sum up your entire history of relationships in one reading. It's ALL About Relationships offers practical, useful knowledge that will change your life. This information is priceless!”--Patti Stanger, Star of Bravo TV’s, The Millionaire Matchmaker

“Mary Miller and John Miller write about relationships in a fresh, modern way. This book is practical, enriching and empowering. If you want to learn something about yourself and those close to you, this is a must read and very compelling. It forces you to think in new ways." --Nita Vallens, PsyD, MFT; Host of Innervision, KPFK Radio, Los Angeles

Ancient Knowledge and Binary Math Codes

The ancient knowledge and binary math codes of the I Ching may just be the keys to our emotional balance and inner calm. Chinese medicine recognizes the idea of life force or energy flowing through the consciousness through an organized system of energetic circuitry. And, it recognizes the electromagnetic aspects of the consciousness …

All of I Ching Systems instruments have been built with these principles in mind. Rather than trying to figure out the content of a person’s emotional imbalance, the technology addresses the context or structure in which the imbalance is taking place. The instruments are designed to address and support the natural flow of life force through a person’s system.

At the same time, if used when a person feels out of balance, they are designed to address the energetic circuitry that is causing the imbalances. To accomplish these goals, I Ching Systems studied the effects of colors, herbs, minerals, gem stones, metals and so much more, but the real breakthroughs came when they went back to the ancient mathematical codes found in the I ancient text that contains sixty-four drawings known as Hexagrams.

These Hexagrams with their binary math codes are the basis of the universe. There are 64 Hexagrams and 64 bits or math codes in your computer. Your DNA can be broken down into Hexagrams. Crystals are composed of these math codes and so is the human consciousness.

Through the use of these Hexagrams it is possible to unearth and transform the hidden traumas we all carry. The goal is always inner peace, calmness, a quiet mind, and a more satisfying and joyful life directed by each individual.

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