Sleep You've Only Dreamt Of

Alive and Shine Center

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  • In this invaluable CD exclusively created for GIN members, Aadil discusses which foods to avoid and which foods to embrace. Since every body is different, Aadil gives you many options so that you can make nutritional transitions smoothly and happily, based on your constitution.
  • Aadil's soothing voice guides you into a state of deep rest, leading to the powerful parasympathetic response of relaxing, rejuvenating sleep. You will sleep deeper and wake up refreshed, ready to manifest your dreams. Before listening to this CD, turn off any cell phones and make sure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed. Do not listen while driving or during activities which require wakefulness. As you listen, feel the feelings the words inspire in your body. It is the feelings that create the effect!

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