The Hero Within

Eden Rein

$ 18.75 
Created by GIN Member Eden Rein with foreword by Earlene Vining, this book chronicles an inspiring and remarkable journey of courage, survival, and the determination to live. Eden’s harrowing tale of her tumultuous relationship with her mother is crushing and heart wrenching. While there are snippets of normalcy, happiness, and peace, they are quickly overshadowed by the anger that consumed Eden’s mother. Her obsession for control escalates to the point of threatening Eden’s very existence. As Eden fled to find protection, love, and acceptance, she quickly found that things aren’t always greener on the other side. In her search for solace in each of the three foster homes she lived in, she soon discovers that every family has a past and every family has buried secrets. “The Hero Within” can be jarring but the path eventually leads you to the light where Eden was finally able to let go, forgive her mother, and feel the warmth of love.

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