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Zuma - Complete Liver Cleanse & Restore Protocol

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Complete Liver Cleanse & Restore Protocol

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Cleanse toxins in the liver, create a healthier liver environment, rebuild healthy liver cells, and improve digestive health with our complete liver cleanse and restore protocol. Including our Liver Detox & Support Tonic which contains a potent blend of 7 herbal extracts for flushing toxins from the liver and our Zeolite Detox Liquid Tonic the most effective binding agent for removing toxins from the body.

Liver Detox & Support Tonic

The Liver Detox & Support Tonic contains key well researched herbs that may help to support the natural detoxification and removal of built up toxins in the liver, rebuild damaged liver tissue, and supports overall liver function. Our formula uses a therapeutic extraction process that is able to concentrate the active ingredients into a therapeutic liquid extract that is significantly more potent than regular tea powders or capsules. The herbs in this formula are also completely water soluble, so they’re absorbed immediately in the bloodstream and not in the digestive tract, allowing them to begin working instantly.

Zeolite Detox Liquid Tonic

Zeolite is one of the most powerful detoxifying agents found in nature. This natural volcanic mineral consists of an open, three-dimensional cage-like structure with a vast network of open channels. Once positively charged toxins travel through these channels, they become bound to the negatively charged cage-like structure. This makes zeolite act like an actual cage, trapping in toxins and helping them to be effectively removed from the body. As the liver flushes toxins into the bloodstream and digestive system, zeolite binds to these toxins to ensure they are effectively removed from your system.

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Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

Our entire Zuma Nutrition line is 100% vegan and vegetarian-friendly, keeping in mind our ecological footprint and the impact that our business has on the earth.

Our head of product development and co-founder, Richard, is vegan and takes these products daily to optimize his own health and well-being. As a result, we have created a safe source for vegans to get all of their health and wellness needs without having to worry about what they are putting into their bodies.

Sourcing & Clean Biochemistry

All of our herbs and superfoods are organic, regenerative, and grown in biologically active soil. By focusing on the health of our soil, we keep the delicate communities of microorganisms alive, allowing for healthier and more nutrient-dense plants, while simultaneously helping to sequester carbon, taking it out of the atmosphere and storing it within the soil.

No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used in our agricultural process. We enhance the effectiveness of these plants by combining the knowledge of our team of herbalists with clean biochemistry techniques, including: nanotechnology, emulsified liposomal deliveries, freeze-dried extraction processes, water extraction, supercritical C02 extraction, and dual alcohol extractions.

We also practice sustainable wild harvesting methods in Utah and Colorado with rare ingredients in our formulas.

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